About Gareth West

"Our founder Gareth West has known repeated success in identifying depressed real estate markets and finding lucrative opportunities in immovables."

Starting from the ground up, Gareth began by flipping homes over 20 years ago.

Shortly after the 2008 financial crisis had decimated real estate values in the South, he raised funds for the purchase of a portfolio of residential homes outside the Atlanta area which he sold in 2014. West Developments was established the following year in Montreal.

Gareth west

Founder & CEO, West Developments

Gareth West

We are active builders, investors, and financial partners across a diverse real estate landscape, who emphasize profitability achieved by improving communities through our projects.

West Developments was opened in 2016 after selling a small portfolio of residential homes outside the Atlanta area, when I had the vision for custom construction in Montreal. The proceeds from the Atlanta sale funded the purchase of land in an up-and-coming suburb in Montreal ideal for custom construction.